The Master’s Thesis is an individual project to be carried out in the final semester of the Master programme. The project will demonstrate the student’s ability to perform a research project with the intention of providing new knowledge, as described in the Course description IMT4904.

The Master programmes which include the IMT4904 Master thesis are: Information Security (MIS), Media Technology (MMT) / Applied Computer Science (MACS) and User Sentered Media Design / Interaction Design (MIXD).

Master Thesis Agreement:  To be able to hand in the thesis this year it is compulsory to sign and hand in the Agreement (signed by student and supervisor) by January 20th. For students on indivudual/part time education plan who will carry out the project in Autumn semester, the Agreement has to be handed in within June 20th.

Seminars/Workshops:  During the master thesis semester, the faculty will invite the students to participate in 2 seminars/workshops. The seminars are not mandatory, but strongly recommended. Seminar topics: Literature and project planning, academic writing etc. Course in making a good presentation, report details, handing in routines etc.

The seminars are usually in the first week of January, March/April (or  September/part time students). The students registered will find the seminar agenda in "Fronter" (GUCs Learning Management System).

Thesis abstracts:  The preliminar abstracts will be published as soon as possible after students registration and approval of the Master Thesis Agreement.

Oral presentation:  Students will present their final master projects in June or December. The oral presentations are public, and annoncement will be made in HIG/GUC calendar. 

Other information:  When students fullfill semesterregistration (IMT4904) they will get access to Fronter for more details,  hand-in information and deadlines. Questions? Please ask the Facultys coordinator for the master thesis semester Hilde Bakke ( ).

For information about the writing of master thesis, please read HiG´s general guidelines for bachelor/master thesis.


The Facultys (IMTs) guidelines and templates for the Master's Thesis (IMT4904)

In addition to the HIG/GUC general guidelines, the faculty/IMT has prepared complementary guidelines and advices

Pre-defined templates for use in LaTeX can be downloaded from the link below. The template will be updated frequently on the basis of input from users. 

Useful resources