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Course Description BYG1071 - Civil Engineering Introduction (2005/2006)

ECTS Credits20
DurationAutumn and Spring
15 ECTS autumn, 5 ECTS spring

The student has gotten an overview of the fields within civil engineering.

Upon fulfilling the course, the student:
- Understands the abilities of the most important construction elements (steel, wood, concrete and aluminum) as they are used in constructions, and knows where and why they are used
- Knows the basic principles of holding abilities in soil
- Can read and understand a construction drawing, and can make simple sketches by hand and by computer aided drawing
- Knows the main parts of a water distribution and a sewer collection system
- Knows the basic principles of road construction and the main structure of the road system
- Knows some actors in the civil engineering field, and how these are organised
- Knows relevant IT tools and the use of theese. Is able to find information and write a technical report, and to present material to others


- Material sciences: Wood, metals; aluminum and steel, concrete, geotechnics
- Sketching
- CAD (Computer assisted drawing)
- Water and sanitation
- Road construction
- Company structures, logistics, quality, health, environment, safety
- IT tools and e-learning

Study MethodsExcurcions, Lectures, Group Works, Laboratory Work, Net Supported Learning, Exercises, Practicum, Tutoring
AssessmentPortfolio Assessment
Grading after total evaluation of portfolio and oral communication with student
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsExcursion(s)
Laboratory Exercises
Oral Proposal