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Course Description GEO2041 - Mapping (2003/2004)

ECTS Credits5
Duration1 semester (Spring)

Students will acquire basic knowledge of geographic data capture using photogrammetry and hydrography, with emphasis on assessing the quality of existing products with a view to using them in the construction of new mapping presentations.


- Basic photogrammetry, stereo photogrammetry
- Station marking, selection and co-ordination of photogrammetric control points
- Aerial photography
- Photogrammetric detail plotting, equipment and methods
- Aerial triangulation
- Orthophotography
- Accuracy, map revision and checking, mapping quality
- Laser scanning
- Mapping standards and control of geodata
- Basic hydrographic charting

Study Methods 
AssessmentOral Exam, individually
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsAssignments
All exercises must be accepted before the examination
Supplementary Information