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Course Description GEO2061 - Application Programming for Geomatics (2005/2006)

ECTS Credits5

- good working knowledge in Python programming.
- working knowledge in customization of GIS software in spesific areas.
- training in various programming tasks, especially within the geomatics area.
- training in the art of problem-solving by means of programming
- knowledge of the Python and GIS software documentation


Python programming language
Data structures in Python
Python library modules
Reading and searching in text files
Storage formats for geodata
Some geometric algorithms
Script programming with Arc Toolbox
Software development and debugging
Programming tools and documentation

Study MethodsLectures, Group Works, Laboratory Work, Mandatory Assignments
AssessmentPortfolio Assessment (60%). 2 maps must be handed in and passed. Practical examination (40%). Each part must be individually approved of.
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsExercises (80% must have been approved by lecturer)