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Course Description GEO2161 - Further Land Surveying (2005/2006)

ECTS Credits15
April-June: project work.

The student will master the skills of using surveying instruments, methods, computations and the necessary supporting mathematics.


- Selection of method and equipment
- Network observations
- Detail surveying
- Depth sounding surveys
- Use of common software packages for surveying
- Simple adjustment
- Digital planning of real estate

Study MethodsLectures, Mandatory Assignments, Project Works
AssessmentOral Exam, individually (counts 40%)
Evaluation of Project(s) (counts 60%)
Two teachers will cooperate the evaluation. The grade for the projects is set by a totality evaluation.
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsProject(s) (must have been approved by lecturer and course assistant)
Exercises (80% must have been approved by lecturer and course assistant)
Mandatory exercises must be accepted before the project report may be submitted.