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Course Description IMT2121 - Multimedia Technology II (2003/2004)

ECTS Credits9
Duration1 semester (Autumn)

    The course will give the students an in-depth understanding of the field of multimedia technology and how the different elements can be obtained and combined. The students will learn the theoretical basics that will support their practical skills. After completing the course the students will be able to create interactive multimedia presentations based on customer demands utilising the correct technology.


    Programming for CD-ROM
    Technology basics (compression, file formats for audio and video)
    Tool usage for editing digital sound and video
    Working in multimedia projects
    Integration of methods

    Study MethodsLectures, Laboratory Work, Project Works
    AssessmentWritten Exam, 3 hours (counts 50%)
    Project Work (counts 50%)
    Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
    Course RequirementsAssignments
    Mandatory assignments
    Supplementary Information