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Course Description IMT4081 - Project Management (2003/2004)

ECTS Credits12
Duration1 semester (Autumn)

The project as a work method is becoming more and more important. It is used within a wide range of tasks, also in the development of multimedia applications. During the course, the students will learn to master and develop the project as a work method. They will be given an assignment with an open formulation, which will teach them to define the subject as well as to describe, define and decide the solution. During the project work, they will be trained in cooperation, communication and independent problem solving. It is also an aim to give the students insight into different challenges at different stages in a development project.


Project management theory:
- the project as a work method
- methods and techniques for project planning
- traditional vs modern system development models, and their influence on project management (focus on iterative and incremental models)
- quality planning
- risk analysis
- work flow

- using an iterative development model, a multimedia application and/or a product/service within electronic publishing will be developed; during the project period, the students will show practical application of the mentioned subjects within project management
- the project can be given by the lecturer or by a company/governmental department in the region; the lecturer will have frequent meetings with the project group; IT-based project management tools will be used during the project

Study MethodsMore information will be given by the lecturer
More information will be given by the lecturer
AssessmentWritten Exam, 4 hours (counts 60%)
Assignment(s) (counts 40%)
4 cases
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsProject(s)
4 cases
Supplementary Information