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Course Description IMT4131 - Developing Media System Databases (2003/2004)

ECTS Credits20
Duration2 semesters (Autumn and Spring)

Give the students knowledge in techniques, technologies, and components that are necessary for developing media system databases. This includes knowledge on the common multimedia and meta-data data models and the differences, similarities, and interoperation between different types of models.


Data models, markup languages, data modelling and transformations, information retrieval and content-based retrieval, meta-data models, data integrity and consistence, historical data and versioning, media streaming, multimedia databases, format independence – separation of content and layout, media database business

Study MethodsLectures, Group Works, Exercises
AssessmentWritten Exam, 5 hours (counts 40%)
Project Work (counts 40%)
Assignment(s) (counts 20%)
Induvidual Assignments
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsProject(s)
Participation in group projects
Supplementary Information