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Course Description IMT4381 - Characterization and prediction of image quality (2005/2006)

ECTS Credits10
LanguageNorwegian alternatively english

After completing the course, the students shall have in-depth knowledge in several aspects of our abilities to capture and reproduce high quality images:
-The students shall be familiar with the human visual system as a reference point for judging image quality
-The students shall have in-depth knowledge about the design of camera systems and shall be able to measure, assess, and compare the quality of various cameras
-The students shall understand how the image gamut can be used during image reproduction and shall be capable of measuring the gamut if images and input and output devices
-The students shall have in-depth knomledge of image reproduction on printing systems and shall be able to assess the quality of prints as well as halftoning algorithms


Introduction to the human visual systems; its limitations with regards to the type of receptors and the optic of the eye
-Camera system
-Assessing the quality of a camera and its optics
-Measuring the gamut of an image and of input and output devices
-Assessing the quality of prints
-Halftoning algorithms

Study MethodsLectures, Project Works
AssessmentWritten Exam, 4 hours (counts 60%, evaluated by lecturer and an examiner)
Evaluation of Project(s) (counts 40%, evaluated by lecturer and an examiner)
Each part must be individually approved of.
The project consists of 3-4 comprehensive assignments
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsNone