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Course Description IMT4901 - Master's Thesis (2003/2004)

ECTS Credits30
Duration1 semester (Spring)
  • IMT5001 - Research Design

60 ECTS from Master-program


The thesis will demonstrate the student's ability to clearly and independently define a significant problem relevant to the master's program; arrange necessary studies or experiments; then organize and analyze data; draw defensible conclusions and make recommendations; and to present your work in written and oral forms.


Teachers and external partners may propose topics for the master's thesis. The student is required to delimit such proposals and to develop the thesis' research topic, a topic must be technically challenging to the student. The student is responsible for choosing the research methods and for preparing a project plan.

Study MethodsProject Works
AssessmentProject Work
Submitted Thesis
Grading SystemPass/ Fail
Course RequirementsThe student must submit a master thesis proposal to be approved by the teacher. The student is required to defend the thesis in an oral presentation. The student is required to review the work of one fellow student and to present this review during the second student's defense. Each student is also required to participate in the oral presentation held by at least four other fellow students.
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