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Course Description IMT5011 - Security Metrics (2003/2004)

ECTS Credits10
Duration1 semester (Autumn)

    40 ECTS from Master of Information Security


    Give the students an increased understanding of
    • How to formulate and measure security related requirements.  
    • What degrees of security/compliance are conceivable.  
    • How can compliance be documented.


    • Motivation – security in an economic, psychological and sociologic context.
    • Controversy with respect to the concept of security metrics.
    • Measuring security – scales, reliability and validity.
    • A taxonomy for security metrics.
    • Method – How to identify and define security metrics.
    • Theory for modelling and analysis of adversary activities.
    • Examples of security indicators/metrics.
    • Experiments as an approach of analyzing security.
    • Analysis of the security of methods of human authentication using different flavours of passwords.
    • Toolsupport.
    • State of the art/ Research challenges – overview of issues discussed on some relevant workshops.

    Study MethodsLectures, Project Works, Seminars, Exercises
    AssessmentWritten Exam, 3 hours (counts 40%)
    Project Work (counts 40%)
    Assignment(s) (counts 20%)
    Assignments = Seminar presentation
    Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
    Course RequirementsProject
    Supplementary Information