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Course Description IMT5111 - Image databases (2005/2006)

ECTS Credits5
LanguageNorwegian alternatively english

After completing this course, the students shall understand why image indexing is a challenging problem. The students shall have insight into a major image indexing techiques - especially techniques based on colour histograms. The students shall be capable of implementing image indexing algorithms for a collection of real images.


- different attributes which can be used to index images; these include: colour, geometry and texture,
- the problems surrounding image indexing, which include: the inherent high number of dimensionality of the image domain,
- image indexing using gamut intersections,
- image indexing using colour histograms,
- the effect of the chosen colour space and number of bins.

Study MethodsProject Works, Tutoring
AssessmentOral Exam, individually (counts 50%, evaluated by lecturer and an examiner)
Evaluation of Project(s) (counts 50%, evaluated by lecturer and an examiner)
Each part must be individually approved of.
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsReport(s)
The student shall present three status reports in oral form