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Course Description RPR3021 - Practise in Professional Practice in Radiography Practice 6 (2005/2006)

ECTS Credits5
The radiography study contains following modalities: skeleton, contrast, computer tomography, magnetic resonans imaging, nuclear medicine, mammography, radiation theraphy and intervention. The students will be offered practise in at least 6 of 8 modalities during the study.
  • RAD1001 - Natural Science
  • RAD1011 - Basic Knowledge in Radiography
  • RAD2001 - Radiographic Science
  • RAD3001 - Radiotheraphy and Oncology
  • RPR1001 - Practical Test in Nursing Procedures and Basic Skeleton and Contrast Radiography
  • RPR2001 - Supervised Practicum in Clinical Nursing Care Practice 1
  • RPR2011 - Supervised Practicum in Contrast, Chest and Skeletal Radiography
  • RPR2021 - Supervised Practicum in Special Modalities, Computer Tomography, Skeleton in Practice 2
  • RPR3001 - Special Modalities, Computer Tomography (CT) and Skeletal in Practice 4
  • SPL2001 - Medication Calculations

Practise 1 - 4


-The student will have insight and skills in skeletal radiography and practise good patient care.
-The student will have insight and skills in mammography, nuclear medicine, computer tomography, angio and interventional procedures, picture processing and skills in hygiene prosedures and use of autoinjector.
-The student will have insight and understanding of principles of radiation treatment planning in the radiotheraphy department.
-The student will practise good pratient care directed towards the patients special needs related to the different examinations.
-The student will have insight and understanding of procedures and safety procedures by resonans magnetic imaging.

The goals are described further in the practise - paper.


Radiation protection, profetional ethics and foundation, profetionalism, communication and cooperation, patient care, nursing, image processing, manipulation and analyses, principles and technics in methodology, quality improvement, IT, laws and regulations. Guidanse and administrations.

Study MethodsPracticum, Reflection, Tutoring
Individual studies
AssessmentAssessment of Practicum
Grading SystemPassed / Failed
Course RequirementsPractice
All practical placement is obligatory.