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Course Description SMF2011 - Investment and Financial Analysis (2004/2005)

ECTS Credits5

The students shall be able to:
-Perform project management (small projects)
-Budget cash flows, including inflation and taxes.
-Analyze and evaluate a project by models using TVM-concepts.
-Calculate the cost of capital by CAPM and evaluate the risk of a  single asset and of a portifolio of assets.
-Evaluate the risk by sensitivity tests.
-Calculate and evaluate the most common financial instruments.


Projects management:
Organization, Management, Goal analysis, Gannt chart, Milestones,Resources.
Investments and financing:
Time value of money (calculation), Budgeting cash flow, Inflation, Taxes, Calculations and management of working capital, NPV, IRR, Payback period method, Capital rationing, Risk and return for a single asset and a portefolio, CAPM, Sensitivity test, Capital structure/WACC, Home loans, Bonds, Leasing, Instalments.

Study MethodsLectures, Group Works, Mandatory Assignments, Exercises, Tutoring
AssessmentWritten Exam, 4 hours (evaluated by lecturer and an examiner)
Mandatory assignments must be approved in order to participate in the written exam.
Grading SystemAlphabetical Scale, A (best) - F (fail)
Course RequirementsExercises