Cryptology 2
2011-2012 - IMT4552 - 5sp

Forutsetter bestått

IMT4532 Cryptology 1

Forventet læringsutbytte


  • The candidate possesses advanced knowledge in generating primitive feedback polynomials for application in stream ciphers based on linear feedback shift registers, constructing highly non-linear S-boxes for application in block ciphers, linear and differential cryptanalysis of block ciphers as well as primality testing, factoring large integers and discrete logarithm.
  • The candidate possesses thorough knowledge about theory and scientific methods relevant for cryptology.
  • The candidate is capable of applying his/her knowledge in new fields of cryptology.


  • The candidate is capable of analyzing existing theories, methods and interpretations in the field of cryptology and working independently on solving theoretical and practical problems.
  • The candidate can use relevant scientific methods in independent research and development in cryptology.
  • The candidate is capable of performing critical analysis of various literature sources and applying them in structuring and formulating scientific reasoning in cryptology.
  • The candidate is capable of carrying out an independent limited research or development project in cryptology under supervision, following the applicable ethical rules.

General competence

  • The candidate is capable of analyzing relevant professional and research ethical problems in cryptology.
  • The candidate is capable of applying his/her cryptographic knowledge and skills in new fields, in order to accomplish advanced tasks and projects.
  • The candidate can work independently and is familiar with cryptographic terminology.
  • The candidate is capable of discussing professional problems, analyses and conclusions in the field of cryptology, both with specialists and with general audience.
  • The candidate is capable of contributing to innovation and innovation processes.

Emnets temaer

1. Stream ciphers

2. Block ciphers

3. Public key ciphers with applications.

Pedagogiske metoder


Pedagogiske metoder (fritekst)


Numerical exercises


Skriftlig eksamen, 3 timer


Written exam, 3 hours


Bokstavkarakterer, A (best) - F (ikke bestått)


Evaluated by the lecturer

Utsatt eksamen (tidl. kontinuasjon)

Ordinary re-sit examination.

Tillatte hjelpemidler (gjelder kun skriftlig eksamen)

Calculator, dictionary

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav




1. Introduction to Cryptography and Coding Theory, 2. edition, Trappe W., Washington L., Prentice Hall, 2006, ISBN: 0131981994.

2. Handbook of Applied Cryptography, Menezes A.,


IMT4551 Selected Topics in Cryptology

Supplerende opplysninger

There is room for 50 students for the course.