Quality and Risk Management
2012-2013 - TØL4031 - 10sp

Anbefalt forkunnskap

TØL4011 Early assessment of projects

Forventet læringsutbytte

After completing the course, the student is supposed to

Knowledge :

  • be abel to apply thorough knowledge of uncertainty analysis, FMEA, random sampling, and modeling ofstatistical process control.

Skills :

  • be able to define and analyze the efficiency and the companies value chain and develop sustainable processes. -
  • be able to apply various statistical distributions.

General competence:

  • be able to define and execute Quality and Risk Management analysis in companies

Emnets temaer

  • Uncertainty analysis and measurement techniques
  • FMEA, failure mode and effect analysis
  • Random sampling
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Modeling of statistical process control

Pedagogiske metoder


Pedagogiske metoder (fritekst)

The course will be made accessible for both campus-  and remote students. Every student are free to choose the pedagogic arrangement form that are best fitted for her/his own requirement.

The lectures in the course will be given on campus and are open for both categories of students. Lectures that sums up the main issues in the lecture will also be available on internet through GUC’s learning management system (ClassFronter).

Tutoring are given at campus in accordance to announced times. In addition there will be at least on gathering at campus for remote students with mandatory laboratory exercises.

Tutoring is also available on internet.


Skriftlig eksamen, 4 timer


Written Exam, 4 hours


Bokstavkarakterer, A (best) - F (ikke bestått)


2 Internal examiners

Utsatt eksamen (tidl. kontinuasjon)

Next ordinary exam

Tillatte hjelpemidler (gjelder kun skriftlig eksamen)

All printed and written

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav

Evaluation of two projects


Aikens, C. Harold: Quality Inspired Management. ISBN nr: 9780131197565.

Supplementary literature : see information in Fronter