Project Work for Exchange Master Students
2014-2015 - IMT4461 - 30sp

Forutsetter bestått

The student must be an exchange student signed up for a Master's degree at a foreign college or university.

Forventet læringsutbytte

After completing the course the student will have experience from:
- working individually on a challenging scientific research or development problem
- planning and conducting an R&D project
- seeking and assessing work in the field relevant to the project
- developing and assessing alternative solutions to the problem
- documenting the results in a scientific report
The student has developed a positive attitude to working in a scientific and problem-oriented way and is familiar the ethics of scientific research.

Emnets temaer

The topic/content of the project is to be defined by the advisor prior to the start of the project. The project should address challenging scientific research or development problems.

Pedagogiske metoder





The project report will be assessed by the advisor.


Bestått/Ikke bestått


Internal examiner

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav

- Project status must be reported regularly to the advisor.
- The project report must be presented orally to a general audience towards the end of the project.